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We now have a loaner vehicle!

We now have a loaner vehicle available to help out with scheduling conflicts and needs to help our customers

The importance of cabin air filters in this climate

The cabin air filter in your vehicle plays a very important role when it comes to keeping the air in your vehicle safe and clean. Humid climates such as in West St. Paul, MN, can cause a ton of moisture in the air to run through your vehicle’s cabin air filter. Moisture present in the cabin air filter can cause an increase in contaminants and mold to accumulate. The air outside of your vehicle while driving on packed roads and freeways contains many air contaminants, such as dust, diesel soot, pollen, and smog. The cabin air filter is responsible for filtering the dirty air as it enters your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system. Once the cabin air filter becomes saturated with debris, it prevents fresh air from getting into the vehicle and can be a cause for concern for you and your passenger’s health. When dirty air gets into your vehicle, is remains extremely concentrated. This is why it is so important to have your vehicle’s cabin air filter checke ... read more

The difference between diagnostic codes and diagnostic testing?

Don’t fall for a free code reading at your local auto repair shop You have probably seen a local auto repair shop advertise a free code reading for vehicles that have the check engine light on. However, have you ever actually visited the shop for the free code read, and ended up spending hundreds of dollars at the shop? We understand the confusion of the “free code read”. There is a big difference between full vehicle diagnostics and a code read. A code reader is usually a handheld device that connects to your vehicle’s computer and accesses a trouble code. That is pretty much all that a code reader can do. Once the code is retrieved, that code is looked up to determine the area of the problem. However, the code often doesn’t tell the exact cause of the issue and further diagnostics are almost always needed to figure out the problem. An actual computer diagnostic tool is extremely advanced and is used for extensive testing and diagnostics of a vehicle w ... read more

Learn to Trust Your Own Mechanic

Can you trust your mechanic? According to 2016 survey by AAA, two out of three vehicle owners don’t trust mechanics. Many cite the reason being that they are overcharged for certain services or constantly pushed on paying for other services that think they do not need. Another reason mentioned is distrust due to negative past experiences at auto repair shops. We understand the stress of finding an auto repair shop that you can actually trust, especially after dealing with a bad service center. Our goal is to help our customers overcome this distrust and learn ways to spot the trustworthy auto repair shops and the ones to avoid. A car dealership can look attractive for repairs and services because the mechanics are specially trained in your specific vehicle and they often offer a warranty. However, dealership prices are much higher than local auto repair shops and dealerships are notorious for recommending services that aren’t always necessary for your vehicle. Plus - if y ... read more

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